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In essence the worlds is more concerned about what someone else is doing and how the attention can be focused on that as opposed to looking at what it is that will make their own lives better. So, we would rather focus and elaborate on what someone else is doing wrong instead of paying attention to what is happening in our own lives and trying to determine what it is we could do to make our own lives better. Granted what these people are doing is a lot more entertaining, but the question is, what are we doing about ourselves instead of caring what actor x ate for breakfast or who that singer is sleeping with. Essentially why is it that we care so much about what someone else is doing, but we have trouble keeping up with our own children and organizing our own lives.

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Fact Or Fiction

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When it comes to stories and gossip that are starting in Hollywood, it is not so much about the what is happening as much as it is about who it is happening to and why. This is because we are all more interested in who is doing something as opposed to why and how. We are more attracted to the actual star involved in the incident as opposed to what they did. So, the thing could be bad or good that occurred the magnitude of the event is measured by those who are involved with the activity.
For example, hundreds of murders occur every year. However, they do not draw nearly the attention from people as whether Brad and Angelina are still together. So, the question is where are our priorities and where are the journalists. Should we not be more concerned about actual news as opposed to something that will have no bearing on our own lives.