Charlie Sheen Wants to Judge American Idol, Donates $1 Million to the Troops, And Quits Twitter Forever

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Guy stops working in movies, leaves a hugely successful sitcom during an ongoing season and makes the news for all the wrong reasons, yet Charlie Sheen cannot be ignored. One thing is for sure, keeping him away from the tabloids is a challenge. Time after time, he comes up with something new to keep the people entertained and confused simultaneously. So, over the past few days, the gossip mill has been abuzz with not one, not two but three different stories about Mr. Sheen.

He had been in the news due to the launch of his new sitcom (read bio-com) ‘Anger Management’. The show received decent ratings and middling reviews, as was expected. However, Charlie managed to steer clear of the show when it came to making the news. First off, Charlie Sheen bid social networking site Twitter goodbye.

For those of you who don’t know, Charlie had joined the site just over a year ago, after his infamous falling-out with the makers of Two and a Half Men. Within a day of joining, he had gained over a million followers. No mean achievement this, as shown by his name in the Guinness Book of World Records. He had been threatening to quit the website for a while now but finally bid farewell now.

Next up, his statement about how he thinks judging American Idol would be a lot of fun. The popular reality singing competition has had two judges leave after the end of last season. There is speculation that the third and sole remaining judge, Randy Jackson, is thinking of quitting as well. Among the names being mentioned for the show are Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin and Adam Lambert. However, if Charlie has his way, he will be a judge too.

Last and the most surprising news is that Charlie intends to make a donation to the USO. He has pledged $1 million to the United Service Organization, the largest donation ever made to them. According to his statement, he intends to donate 1% of the money he makes from Anger Management. $1 million is just the minimum amount he has mentioned. He could end up donating much more than that.

As it is with Charlie Sheen, all of the statements are made by him, but they cannot be relied on. Only time will tell whether the three stories prove to be true or are just mere gossip.